BOYFRIEND vs. FLIPPY Friday Night Funkin

BOYFRIEND vs. FLIPPY Friday Night Funkin yes whoa this place is nice oh my god player look at all the adorable animals oh yep you sure are cute hello friends my name is flippy i'm one of the happy tree friends hope you're. Having a magical doll absolutely i gotta say this place.

Looks like a nice change of pace yeah most of the mods we go to are extremely violent extremely violent yeah we're just a bunch of fun-loving little critters over those full, of wonder i, like the sound of that say player you should perform some songs for everyone i'm sure they'd love to hear your music, yeah well i love music down here in happy tree lunch i have laughter and friendship good idea girlfriend although i've never played just for fun, before usually i sing as part of a rap battle flippy are you okay oh uh yeah i'm, a wreck sometimes i shall notice it a bit are you sure because you started to look a little crazy there for a second i said i'm fine sorry just wanted. To make, sure you're okay hey what's this thing that's the cursed idol my good pal sniffles the anteater found it in a mysterious ancient temple hey sniffles get over here. Buddy how are do happy tree feds tell them about the idol well i thought it's sitting on a small throat at, a temple ever since i grabbed it crazy things started happening crazy how monkeys. Began raining down from the sky for one and it's been near around a lot of the deaths that occur in these parts many of us think it might be cursed then.

Why do you keep it.

Around i uh i don't know made in vietnam rule up oh my god you're next wait please uh face player in a red battle first if he wins you spare both of us and if i. Win then feel free to tear player, apart limb by limb hey dear oh me i think you did it he's calming, down oh thank god i'm.

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