[FNF] V.S. Loki & Kapi playing

[FNF] V.S. Loki & Kapi playing what is going on dudes this is maybe the gamer and yes welcome back to some more friday night pumpkins so we're gonna be checking so, we're gonna be checking out the cappy mod and the brand new loki mod because cappy just got updated with an arcade showdown and. Some extra stuff in the meantime as you can see at the bottom here it says something about mr game and watch i played the first version.

Of cappy on stream, but i want to check out the new version and then also check out the other character loki because it looks phenomenal before we, get into this i swear to god if y'all keep saying something about me not doing reaction videos go subscribe to the. Vapor reacts channel we're at 25k basically and if you guys want some more friday [ __, ] gameplay you gotta slap the like button a thousand times and then another thousand okay so we're just gonna get right into this right now i'm gonna play on hard and we got four tracks.

We got wacky we got beethoven hairball.

And neon we got neon as well hey yo long time no see taking your girlfriend on a date yeah what about it she's way, out of your league bro she'd be perfect for someone like me show me what you've. Got or bf man all right let's get into this if this is the same as the last time we played. Then that sucks but i want to show you guys anyway hey what bro i love the dance dance revolution. Pad bro these hands are on fire and i have barely started oh i missed the note because i should have held. It i missed two apparently sad panda .

Uh forgot about that part it's been a while since i've streamed annie f so like i, streamed this maybe like a week and a half ago maybe two weeks now so just trying to remember how it all went it's tough i, went the wrong direction screwed that up i just noticed the arcade machine in the back, says paintball and it's freaking daddy dearest and there's freaking skin bump there too oh my god i didn't even notice these. Not bad for a cat yeah see what did i tell you bff sure let's just move on don't expect me. To go easy three two one bf's not having it bf is just not having it let's get it why do these. Tracks sound familiar is it just me i want to know. If any of you guys in the comments recognize these tracks it really sounds familiar oh snap here we go, damn oh i got that one i'm okay with that 40 missed notes that's not bad i'm still, practicing with the arrow keys like to prac like get it perfect oh god oh you. Boys come on i obviously beat you he's a sore loser that's what it said about his lore and stuff you're joking yes you're, yelling he's angry okay i'll show you up three two one slap me silly oh i got an. Audience i just realized there's three heads looking at me right now i just realized girlfriend's got. Some nice gear on right now yeah why am i getting like wrong vibes here oh terror bad this is easy this is what i like let's keep it slow no we're picking.

It back up here we go i should have held. That i hit that last note just that, zero needs to not be near the arrow keys i gotta say wait wait wait hold on what, did i do i swear i was in the notes better keep it up okay okay for some reason story mode crashes my well anything my whole keyboard just. Stops working on hairball so i'm gonna have to play it in free play here and miss, cut scenes so let's just get into it hey i'm getting like crazy sorry i had to get that um crazy cervantes, vibes from this i missed that much easier i've tried my best , hey great hey there we go got the hang of that at the end. I'm getting better at that one well it sucks i can't see really any cutscenes because i would love to go through all. Of that again.

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