FRIDAY NIGHT FUNKIN Hard Mode Full Game left right left right outside up right three two one three two one uh is ah is twisty .

is me rip it two one foreign oh me peace bye you think you've got what it takes.

yes break it down three two one eh me hey.

three two.

One i guess for just oh maybe skin off you meet your friends street and so is your and then girlfriend gonna tear your eyes out uh three. Two one all, right be up three two one is oh, foreign three two one oh me me three two one, foreign bye my three two one me .

So baby three two one um uh be baby me three two one , pop three two one , wow be people but three two one um my bye three two one your skin is freezing you let me help.

You take it off feasting with, your friends the perfect way to end all these lonely holidays um snowmen smiling with your teeth soak your hands in freezing oh. three two one hmm me so three two one .

Me be oh three two one me so do so so well well well what do we got here we should just kill you but what the hell it's been a boring day let's see what you got uh oh pretty tight bars for a little dude who's sipping over an ugly boring little teenager that wears her mom's clothes oh foreign foreign god well played but this is war and in war people die man get rid of fire sorry no prob for you this year ah look who it is friend there's one way to settle this let's rock oh foreign pretty good you.

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