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Friday Night Funkin’ Logic | Cartoon Animation wow these guys are really good the no hatsune miku not every band has to be led by a pop star vocaloid player no but they should be, well even if this isn't your thing i appreciate you bringing me to starlight mayhem starlight, mayhem that's kind of a dumb name for a band no no no the band's name is no command starlight mayhem is. The name of the festival that's even worse thank you all it's really good to have everyone here wait huh is that you is some celebrity here oh i hope it's. Miku sang hey you with the blue hair and the red beanie your player right uh yeah no way. Come up here dude can't we ever have a nice relaxing date night without any distractions i guess, that's the price of being awesome everybody this is the guy who beat daddy, dearest come on give it up whoa he's a lot shorter than i imagined yeah he's like shrimp size. Honestly your accomplishments are much more impressive now considering how small and pathetic looking you are good job uh thanks random band members oh i'm able i slapped a bass man and i'm.

Max. I bang on the drums sweet backstories and you must be girlfriend right dd and mm's man they really. Hate you play your all right everyone settle down settle down these guys aren't gonna battle me if you're mean oh it's a battle you want i should have figured what do you say everybody are you.

Ready for a rap battle, hey friday night funkers this episode is sponsored by punishing grey raven it's the hardcore fast-paced hack and slash mobile game and with a cyberpunk and anime style that i love punishing grey raven features. Stylish arcade action that pushes. Mobile hardware to its limits combining third-person 3d melee combat with deep rpg mechanics lead a legion of glorious cyborg heroes.

To retake earth from a biome chemical virus known as the punishing the game features highly detailed 3d graphics complex combo focused combat and, a large rpg party management system and did i mention the soundtrack was freaking awesome it is literally an auditory assault from ambient atmospheric tracks to pounding drum.

In base punishing grey raven has, you dancing across the battlefield in a symphony of destruction so what are you waiting for click the link in the description to download and play the game on your, mobile device today um don't you have like a planned set list for. Your show or something i'm just gonna warn you ahead of time i'm not taking it easy on you and i'm just gonna warn you ahead of time i'm gonna destroy you fine let me get. On the boombox oh did lost you actually managed to outperform me it wasn't really all that. Hard cj you've never lost a. Battle before oh really able i didn't realize seriously you never knew that you were undefeated. Until just now i was being sarcastic max oh sorry bro you wanna hug it out yeah you need a little hug to cheer you up bud no i don't need a hug from either. Of you uh okay very unlike you to not hug it out with your bros but like okay yeah we always comfort each, other with physical affection no but no we don't what's going on here i think it's some, kind of three-way lovers quarrel no it's not and you only beat us because i'm not actually the band's best vocalist, sorry i'm late i ran into some traffic and it was this whole thing don't worry you're.

Just in time you need to rap battle this punk huh hi my name's player wait the player, cj i can't battle him of course you can come on.

Don't be shy we all know you're the best singer of this group you can do this isn't that right everybody um okay i i can do this she seems awfully intimidated yeah it is not gonna, be good for her confidence when i straight up embarrass, her out here in front of this entire crowd oh player all right ruby break a leg oh wait here we go do . I i really thought i could win it's okay ruby. You did so good seriously i thought she kind of sucked yeah she. Straight up biffed it total choke job what ah not helping guys sorry sorry don't listen to them ruby that was a sick performance you keep.

On improving every time yeah i wasn't expecting that you're incredible i mean whoa like that was so good.

Really you can't mean that coming from you two it's it's an honor but it doesn't change the fact that i lost that's, where i come in what we've always been better together than apart, what do you say ruby you want to sing a duet with me come on you and me both he doesn't stand a. Chance yeah you're right nope that is so totally against the rules there are rules to this how about it everybody you ready to rock out to one final performance oh geez i'm good but, i don't know if i can take both of them on at the same time we're about to. Find out wait huh girlfriend this is totally unfair. Player let's sing this next song together do what versus do it sounds good to me to uh do you want. Me to carry you like that no thanks i'm fine standing you can hold me in your arms if you want to cj yeah me too like if you're offering what, what is with you guys nothing i love you all right enough stalling let's end this. Mayhem right here right now if. You wish yeah let's do this oh nice one babe thanks but um do. You mind if i put you down now my arm is literally on fire from carrying you this, long cj we we lost i'm so sorry sorry for what putting on a great show it doesn't. Matter.

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