Rhythm game veteran vs. Ballistic Retro Specter Remix & more! (Friday Night Funkin Mod Playthrough)

Rhythm game veteran vs. Ballistic Retro Specter Remix & more! (Friday Night Funkin Mod Playthrough) i think it keeps going like it like doubles in bpm i think or something like that oh no is that it it's got to keep going oh [ __ ] hey before we get into, this video i just wanted to let you guys know that on monday at.

4 pm pst we're going to be streaming live over on slash whoops the new hex week and also that. New tricky mod i know you guys have been telling me so many times i have so many dms and so many, comments but we're gonna do it on monday okay i swear be there yeah we do be funking, i just gotta make sure my base game is working right now ow all right the, first mod i want to try is this mod called friday night funkin but bad oh boy so i don't know what. This mod actually adds besides making it look bad i heard someone mention that it actually makes the inputs better which i do not believe but we'll see. Oh god the menus are all [ __ ] horrible look at this [ __ ], oh geez that looks great we just play the whole game three two one go. Oh i didn't know they changed the songs, dude oh amazing easily the best mod i've ever played milk really bad too oh no it was all bass boosted oh no jesus christ this is amazing, hmm um honestly better than the original if i'm being honest here this.

Is one of the the most high quality. [ __ ] posts i've ever seen such a high quality [ __ ] post i have to see every week at least i want to play my favorite song from every week how about.

That three two one for real because.

Holy [ __ ] this is like this is like what a mobile game friday night funkin should look like wow oh, uh amazing the little tear on his face when he's losing oh my god best game, ever true actually true thorn check look at gf she's like [ __ ] glitching out oh me .

We've reached the peak of the modding scene there's there's nothing better than. This what's the point of even trying anything else oh my god the [ __ ] ghost okay this is like an actual flash game that i would be playing, on newgrounds back in like 2000. some [ __ ] like i'd go play runescape and then play this right. After i really hope they make a a witty week but bad okay well i've, had about a [ __ ] enough of that.

Um next mod okay this next one i don't think is available anymore but i found it on a google drive and it's actually it looks super high quality i saw my, friend oderon play it hey i think it.

Works so it's a hololive mod i saw oderon playing this the other day and it looks really good oh my god yeah it looks great this looks so good it's so high quality holy [ __. ] the animations on everything looks so good.

And i think the next song gets changed this is so [ __ ] good dude this is so good this is so good the amount of effort, that went into this mod, is insane all right so week two is uh i think it's the same songs but there's a new enemy i like how when they're losing it says ah okay that's it for that mod. I want to find the retrospector witty mod this version will not.

Have any future content up to be aware this map is, incredibly hard to have fun it replaces ballistic on hard so this there was like a remix of ballistic and then somebody mapped, it and it's like it's like stupid hard i don't know if i can beat it but i'll try three i'm not gonna bother setting up the, script so i can play on my normal controls i'm just gonna [ __ ] get used to doing this what oh i hit. R so in case you, didn't know for some reason on the witty mod they make your default controls dfjk right and they make you do a bunch of jacks but if you hit r you just insta lose, oh no i think i hit r again i don't know why can you take your r. Key out i mean hold on let me find a key puller i think it keeps going like it. Like doubles in bpm i think or, something like that oh no is that it it's got to keep going oh [ __ ] feet, do oh this ah oh holy [ __ ] dude what whoa, that is crazy what the [ __ ] what that can i say that was the first try since i kept hitting my r. Key i don't think it counts we'll say third try i want to do it again i had 280 misses that was not good cool mod though pretty sweet. Kind of easy though ammo they should.

Have made it harder here we go let's see if this works options okay node offset accuracy display hp gain and drain but no custom no custom controls yet do i have to play. What can i plan i'll play as upright i guess why does it say i have 72 misses what the [ __ ] it's also so loud what the [ __ ] 102 misses what the [ __ ] cool you.

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