Roblox Funky Friday

Roblox Funky Friday and what's going on guys it's your boy kelogis here we are back in roblox funky friday and today a new update drop where they added versus chara and versus sans, or megalovania remix but it's still a sans update okay so we got the whole undertale crew here just, uh papyrus is missing but oh well and of course i'm going to be making a i pretend to be char video where i dress up as chara. And battle other players of my song i'm going to be doing the same with sans so definitely look.

Out for that video because i'm going to be uploading it today so subscribe move the bell notification on to not miss out, but first things first boys you guys know what to do man rate the drip hey look at that drip man, i literally spent 30 000 robux for that face alone like the eyes that. Cost 30 000 robux made shout out to, my boy wrecked way for giving me the idea of this outfit definitely looks really dapper i must say look at the shoes oh sheesh what are you wearing. But of course what we gotta do is get the animation for it ah there we go chara all right boom buy it there we go so let's, hop on the mic do we have it oh we already got someone nice. Hey shout out to birds my dude just a bird let's see we also have a, new menu here oh that looks so good bro so it should be under the. Undertale tab right here and then mega strike back a four minute song made oh all right hey but that looks kind of sick they're not gonna lie okay, oh my god it's already starting what the hell all right we got this we got this we got this oh that, song is already a bop man like it oh my god okay okay let me.

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