SKY Imposter Role in Among Us

SKY Imposter Role in Among Us today we played the sky from friday night funkin mod this guy's got all sorts of funky abilities that you'll just have to see to believe let's go all, right all right everybody insert the keys keys everyone or keys are your sus keys are your sis what are we doing i bet here's. Franklin i bet franklin's going to shank somewhere.

We're going to the right i'm going to get ready no i got the lame people coming with me oh my player i can't be lame i just bought a new shirt on, well so clear i i, need to ask why do you think i'm lame i'm so cool my god we're at the concert everyone what the heck turn it up go, look at those moves i need backup time to take a quick shower good thing because i'm pretty stanky i bet you guys gonna kill baggy next yeah i, hope so oh okay i would like to not die right now we.

Gotta run no it's not you is it you're kind of like you're.

Kind of a yandere type wait okay a little bit but you just saw me with her i didn't do nothing sky's a yandere and gnomes of yandere is it look that's us that is super, sus say this right to the camera look right into the camera's eyes and say that you're not, you're not sky i'm not skye i swear to god skye's the dumbest name i don't even sound like. Her at all i don't sound like any sky for the.

Record yeah you would never sound like a scar you sound like a sky oh your egg is back mystery i know the camera wasn't on gnome. Right out of here all right oh my god oh gross i got a plunger for a head what. A crazy dance party everyone scatter gotta do my task gotta do my tastes like a. Good boy should this is my last one this is my last one oh come on why isn't everybody else doing their tasks and, we could win oh my god blair have you done all your all your tasks yet i'm done dude i'm like totally done i, don't know what everyone else is farting around doing you know well i still have a few of mine so. I'm gonna go do those all right well, i'm gonna find somebody crew me to help out with oh hey i will protect you i finished my tasks why i'm finished with my tests i'm done ooh good for, you i saw gnome was doing, them hey you're not you're not sky are you no you're kind of a yandere too look look at the two yanderes coming. In here oh gosh they get done again how could you oh my god it's sky it's sky. It's guys twin oh great now i got the doom hat that's the worst hat in the game we're all dancing together whoa oh my goodness this is this this party, for me all right which one which one of you which one of you is not real skye please please don't kill me skye i. Know i know why i played you on friday with me i. Don't want to let you just uh this is torture hold on love me love me yes perfect all righty everyone let's do our keys together party.

Party it's like starting a. Car from room from room by the way no how many keys were on your keychain there i uh i, didn't really count i wasn't keeping that track oh that sucks that's such that's just it is a little sus mr cheese is a sassy there's two keys everybody knows. That yeah and what else player what else other than. The keys but uh do you put in the keyhole and turn it that's there's a little green alien guy all right now players just too everyone take note of.

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