Something is Wrong With My Among Us Game

Something is Wrong With My Among Us Game what is up everybody and welcome back to another amangas video and in this video i'm going to be telling you about one of the strangest experiences i've ever had. While playing a mangas among us is one of those games where you can just sit down and play with a few of your friends or if you have, no friends you just play by yourself which isn't all that bad and i'm sure if you have been watching my channel, for the past few months you, already know that humongous is not your typical game there is a lot of mystery surrounding, it and while today there was something wrong with my game something that i have never seen before and before we get any further into this video i do want to mention that 70 percent of you have, not hit that subscribe button which means that you're missing out on a manga's darkest. Secrets so why not solve the issue by hitting, the subscribe button with the bell icon turned on that way you're one of the first to watch these videos and if you like. Playing among us make sure to leave a like down below it only takes a few seconds but now let's, begin with today's story video i really didn't want to make this video but, there's something wrong with my humongous game it all started when i joined this lobby at first it seemed pretty normal i'm pretty sure many of you would agree but then. I got bored and i began to count the players and there was only 9 players when, there should be 10. i was thinking to myself maybe it's some sort of glitch i shouldn't have to worry but as we, waited for the game to start everyone's name in the lobby was hacking. And it was loading players were being hacked right in front of me but i wasn't affected i guess i was one of the lucky ones i was somehow the only imposter because usually. In loppies that i joined. There's always at least two or three as i was walking through the main hall a body was reported and it was cyan but he was right next to me, and he was alive he even mentioned it in the chat and several players left and.

We all ended up skipping after the meeting was done red's body was reported which, was a player behind all of this everyone ended up voting for me and i was ejected which caused me to lose a game but nobody.

Even died that game when i returned back to the drop ship my name was now hacking and there was loading as, well just like everyone else one of the players in the lobby was named mrx which i'm assuming is the one behind all of. This you know i should have known he has cyre soro's outfit, my name was now chary but the other player that was named chary as well left and then a player by the name of mother joined and.

Mr x started the, game but how did he start the game with three players we ended up winning which didn't make any sense to me and when we returned back to the drop ship he started again this time we actually. Managed to get in and it said that there are zero shouldn't the game be over so i went. Over to. The meeting room and i called the meeting and i was right there was only three of us we ended up all skipping even though i didn't even do that mr x had control of my game it. Said that there was one impostor even though it said zero in the, beginning and i went over to call a meeting back to wait several seconds the other player that was with me began to chase me, around and i did several laps around the meeting room until eventually, i had another chance to call a meeting which gave mr x, a victory how does someone even win a game against a player like this mother ended up leaving the lobby and it was just me and mr x so i asked him are you sorry sorrel and he said yes, and he started the game it was now a 1v1 me against siri soro i, have no idea how he got into a game of two players but i guess it's better not to ask.

Mr x ended up calling a meeting and i. Told them what do you want and he sent me a smiley face he somehow managed to win the game which gave cyrie soro the victory my screen was now black but i could still, see the buttons i just couldn't do anything and when i.

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