WHY Is Everyone Playing This Game?

WHY Is Everyone Playing This Game? oh no oh no oh my god there's double buttons now okay i'm gonna give in to peer pressure today why do i see everybody playing this game i've seen cub scouts play this game i've seen corey, kenshin play this game i've seen bijou mike play this game and those are just the people i know personally there's literally, so many people playing this game and every time i look into it i'm like oh it's, like a keyboard, ddr game okay and i kept seeing it i was like i can't make a video about this what am i gonna commentate about pressing. The buttons really quickly but i just keep seeing it more and more and more in my feed and i just i need to know, i need to know maybe if you clicked on this video you also don't know why everybody's playing this game and, want to find out and that's what i in this video i'm here for, so if you're looking for like a full game play of this video you've come to. The wrong place if you're looking for like more of a reaction overview of the game you're in the right spot so yeah we're not going to be doing full songs i just i need to see i need. To see i need to see oh we're oh we're we're going right. In okay so apparently this this girl is my girlfriend she's, really hot look at her this is her dad i'm trying to impress him with my musical abilities which are far superior as you can see i'm a, musical genius girl you better be worth this you're probably. Not damn i am destroying your dad just give up oh wait what oh god ah i was trolled i jinxed it i got too cocky. Ah is it over did i do it oh my god girl you are not worth this no oh no oh i'm gonna die oh i'm gonna die, but this is embarrassing that was only the first week and i couldn't do it. Okay i'm doing better this time i just need to. Keep my cool i need to not freak out i think that's where i went wrong last time oh my god i did it i was gonna have to go to easy that was only. The first week okay one of, the main things that drew me into this game was that i heard there's a creepypasta hack if you press seven oh my god it worked i think all i have to, do is change it to monster okay now reload oh god i thought i froze it what..

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